In many ways, Vivitrol has been a wonderful idea in theory which, in reality, has been limited in it’s use by doctors. The reasons for this vary, and they have to do with the fact that most addiction doctors are psychiatrists who are resistant to administering deep, intramuscular injections in their offices. Finding and coordinating with other practitioners who will agree to inject patients on a monthly basis is burdensome, and the plan to get Vivitrol often fails. Furthermore, doctors who do perform Vivitrol injections are required to follow strict guidelines regarding storing/refrigerating the medication. Other hurdles relate to the public health realities facing many patients who are candidates for Vivitrol: they live in large, residential, publically funded programs with limited addiction medicine oversight, and are therefore not availed this important medication due to economies of scale – i.e. too many patients and not enough doctors. Programs with hundreds or even thousands of eligible patients with only a few doctors to treat them, are challenged to establish and maintain Vivitrol programs that meet their patients’ needs month after month.

Enter The Vivitrol Injector Program:

In order to overcome these obstacles, we developed a Vivitrol Injector Program under the direction of Addiction Psychiatrist Scott Bienenfeld, M.D., who is certified by The American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM). The idea is that by eliminating the barriers described above, it will be much easier for eligible patients to have the option of receiving a Vivitrol injection. We are able to achieve this by providing a unified, cohesive program that eliminates the hassles of Medicaid, commercial payers and prior authorizations (we handle all of that). In fact, we take care of the whole process so that patients can receive a Vivitrol injection every 28 days, even on short notice. Furthermore, we reach out to agencies throughout New York City in order to provide “on-site” Vivitrol injections to the scores of patients who are not getting it.

Our program maintains relationships with referring agencies and providers, and we require that patients receiving Vivitrol injections remain in treatment with their referring treaters. We track all patient data to ensure that they are followed up with regularly, and that they receive Vivitrol injections every 28 days. We also take care of monitoring blood work.

Our main location is at 67 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003, where we have the capacity to treat up to about 80-100 patients per week. We have additional sites throughout New York City and Long Island, and we are mobile, which means we can provide Vivitrol injections “on-site,” with the capacity to treat the large numbers of patients who require it.

Not only do we make it safe and easy for patients to receive Vivitrol injections, but we also provide direct follow-up and communication with each agency to ensure that clinical care is coordinated. For many patients, getting the Vivitrol injection quickly can mean the difference between abstinence and relapse, life and death.

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