1. What problems do you treat?

    At Rebound we are able to treat people who suffer from a number of different kinds of problems including: psychiatric issues, problems related to substance abuse and “co-occurring disorders” – where a combination of both problems exists. Since Dr. Bienenfeld is Board Certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry, Certified by The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and is a Diplomate of The American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM), our approach is designed to address a range of issues, many of which often exist together.

  2. Are You Able to Treat Psychiatric and Substance Use Problems That Co-Occur?

    Yes, Rebound is owned and operated by an addiction psychiatrist who is board certified by The American Board of Addiction Medicine – so we are able to identify and treat co-occurring psychiatric problems which are often present in those suffering from addictive disorders. Our evaluation includes a thorough screening, by a psychiatrist, for the presence of underlying psychiatric problems that could be exacerbating the situation. Because our program is run by a medical doctor, patients at Rebound Brooklyn get to see a board certified psychiatrist constantly throughout the their stay — more so than at the vast majority of other addiction treatment programs where medical doctors are only consultants.

  3. Do you accept insurance?

    We are considered out of network so we will submit claims for your insurance benefits and you may be reimbursed a percentage of clinical services depending upon your benefits.

  4. I just got a DWI – What should I do?

    Being booked for a DUI/DWI can be a humiliating and frightening experience. The ripple effect can go on and on with multiple court appearances, fines, maybe even loss of driving privileges. The issue can be further compounded by who else was in the car. If this happens to you or someone you know, you absolutely need legal council BUT a treatment experience can be hugely valuable with your court case. Judges like to see the the problem is being addressed in a real way. Both Joe Schrank and Dr. Scott Bienenfeld have extensive experience in advocating for people in court. Our advice and council can dramatically help the outcome of the case. We can go to court with you and help you speak to the judge, we can work with your lawyer to clear this off your record and get on with your life.

  5. Can I be on maintenance or antagonist drugs like Suboxone or anti- depressants?

    Yes. We believe that addiction is a medical problem and for many, medication is required for stabilization.

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