Our Vision



We offer medical recovery designed to meet the problem where the problem exists. Readiness for changes does not have to mean traveling thousands of miles away into the mountains, desert, or beaches, far from loved ones and local support. We value autonomy and recognize the importance of emotional and physical well-being as key elements to one’s recovery. At Rebound, recovery is here and now.

The Goals of Rebound

Upon transitioning into self-regulated recovery, the goal is that our client:

  • Is aware of their individual addictive behaviors
  • Understands the skills of managing addictive impairment
  • Understands their inherent value and self worth
  • Has a working knowledge of the value of community and possess the skills and knowledge to end isolation
  • Has a working knowledge of community based mutual help groups (not limited to 12 step)
  • Knows where to find help and is able to ask for it
  • Is able to delay gratification
  • Has short and long term goals (not to be confused with hopes) for their life
  • Sees the value of physical activity
  • Understands that there is a connection between the physical and emotional self, and that taking care of both is key to maintaining sustained recovery

The Rebound Philosophy

At Rebound NY Medical, we believe that the ultimate goal of treatment is to help clients acquire the motivation, skills and support necessary for continued self-management and sustained recovery from addictive and/or psychiatric problems.  By evaluating each client individually we are able to assess not only what the major issues are, but also gain a thorough understanding of their short and long term goals.

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