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We focus on giving the tools and clinical support to manage and navigate through out the challenges of recovery. We access, evaluate and treat the client suffering from substance abuse and or psychiatric problems. We believe that while traveling far away is an option, it is expensive and temporary. We face the problem in the community where the problem exists. Our unique approach creates and develops a path to medical recovery better than any other programs that exist today.

Because Rebound is owned and operated by an MD, we are able to offer many services and programs under one roof setting. We offer Multidisciplinary Medical Program, Psychiatric Evaluation,  Assessment Medical Management as well as Individual and Group therapy for substance abusers undergoing psychiatric conditioning. We give psycho education for sustained recovery, individual evaluations, and forensic psychiatric  evaluations.

ambulance+lights-SmallCrisis Management:

When a crisis hits, the collective knowledge and skills of our staff can guide any individual, family, or institution through the fear and confusion that occurs. Whether an overdose or an arrest, we can help.


addition treatmentDrug detection dog screenings:

A problem can’t be dealt with unless it is known what the problem is. “Mik” our retired police dog can find any drug in any environment. Once the problem is identified we can help with the plan to deal with it. Mik can also screen any environment for safety when someone returns from treatment or begins a new life in recovery. He can also screen work environments and schools.

Mik is one of the best tools at rebound. He helps us keep the environment safe by randomly checking for any drugs, he helps us by going through bags when people arrive. We have a realistic approach at rebound and we don’t expect anyone to be perfect, we do expect them to be honest. We can also bring Mik to your home, office or school. It’s difficult to deal with a problem if the problem isn’t clear. Trained for narcotics detection in airports and customs, Mik will always find the drugs if they are there.

Read More about Mik here and watch a video about him.


Settling on the right course of treatment is nearly impossible to do alone. Our team can provide a comprehensive assessment and make suggestions about what the most appropriate treatment option is. No singular program is right for everyone, but we can help you find the treatment environment that is right for you. Rebound may or may not be that program, for example, a residential program may be a more appropriate initial setting followed by Rebound.


office02Treatment placements:

If a residential option is what you are looking for, the Rebound staff can assist you in finding the right one for you, your employee or your family member. With thousands of addiction treatment centers in the US, all claiming to have the “best program”, how is one to choose? The Rebound staff has worked in the field for years and our interventionists have physically been to many different sites. We can guide you to your best option and even help navigate the admissions process.



When an individual is lost in their addiction, it may be up to the people around them to help. Our intervention team is led by Joe Schrank, who has facilitated hundreds of interventions with successful outcomes. Every situation is unique and we can tailor a plan to address almost any need and take it anywhere.


courtCourt Consultations:

Entanglements in family or criminal court are a common experience for many. Our team, led by forensic psychiatrist Dr. Scott Bienenfeld, can collaborate with court proceedings that often help achieve the desired outcome. Whether it’s treatment alternatives, continued monitoring or issues in family court, Rebound has the experience to help.


Sober Living:

While every person’s case is unique, the fact is that many people are aided in their recovery by a sober living experience combined with the ability to receive outpatient treatment nearby. There are a number of sober living programs in New York City, and we are happy to discuss various options, as well as the benefits of a sober living experience. The decision to live in a sober living environment has become quite popular, and for good reason: Many people struggle with their recovery from addiction and/or other psychological problems, without realizing that the problem has to do with having too many triggers at home. Living in a sober living environment means being surrounded by a group of people who have the same goal of avoiding relapse, remaining sober and socializing with like-minded people in a judgment-free, safe space.

We are always available to discuss the best way to proceed and recommend a sober living program that is feasible..

sober companionOther Treatment Services:

While addiction treatment in the community is appropriate for some, others may first need an inpatient, medically supervised detoxification program and/or a residential experience. We can help guide you to the right place. The Rebound treatment team is ready to help you live intoxicant free, whether you are returning from residential treatment or staying in the community, The Rebound treatment team can meet your needs.


case-managementCase Management:

Excellent outcomes occur with pilots, licensed professionals (i.e. doctors and lawyers) and those involved with the criminal justice system. This is largely because they are tracked and engaged for up to two years after being in treatment, and this has been shown to have a positive correlation with long-term success. Rebound can design similar continuing care plans that help clients stay in recovery.

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