Sober Companionship

The ancient Greeks had a very simple treatment plan for all mental illness “be not idle, be not alone”.

This can still help today. Having a recovery assistant can be a game changer for many people. The assistant can steep themselves in the clients life, spotting pitfalls and triggers and providing the support and empathy needed.

200272516-001There are instances where a person needs a higher level of care, and returning to inpatient rehab is either not a option or has been tried over and over again without results. For people suffering with multiple relapses with substances, a sober companion can be a very good option. A sober companion is someone with at least 5 years of sobriety from drugs and alcohol, whose specific function is to provide support around the clock, essentially never leaving the client’s side.

A sober companion’s role is twofold:

1) Remain at the side of the client at all times, to ensure that they do not respond to influences which could result in relapse to drugs or alcohol;

2) Help the client learn about, understand and engage in local recovery resources so that they can ultimately utilize resources without the need of a companion.

Examples of this would include taking a client to a number of AA or other mutual help meetings, teaching them skills to remain sober in a community where there are bars, nightclubs, liquor stores etc…that could be triggers for relapse. Sober companions are not licensed professionals and do not provide any kind of medical care.

We all know that running and lifting weights will improve our health and our body but doing it alone is a daunting task. Having a personal trainer can help us all achieve our goals in the gym. The same is true with a recovery assistant. All rebound recovery assistants are experienced, vetted by Dr. Bienenfeld and trained by Joe Schrank who has served as a recovery assistant to a clients world wide.

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