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Alcohol Deaths = 1 in 10 Adults…


A new report implicates alcohol account for a whopping 10% of deaths among adults. That’s a huge number: we all know 10 people so one of them will die before their time as a result of drinking? Kind of puts it all into perspective. In a time when the culture is dominated by conversations about the perils of legalizing marijuana, alcohol stealthily moves among us like a quiet series killer. Somehow, we never talk about the toll this product on families, schools, businesses and American life as a whole. Why don’t we? What is it about alcohol that has made it such a sacred cow? Is it just who we are? The history of alcohol is storied and lengthy in America, and if there is anything known it’s that prohibition doesn’t do much of anything other than fuel crime and violence. But what can reduce rates of alcohol consumption? There is one simple answer that Americans hate: higher taxes. Many states haven’t raised taxes in generations, Wyoming’s last tax raise was in 1935, yes THAT 1935.

Rebound Brooklyn is committed to not only helping people out of the ditch they fall into with drinking but also examining the ditch itself. One of our metrics about recovery is “civic responsibility” and advocating for at the minimum a national dialogue on alcohol would fall into that category. # alcohol kills!

NPR Article: Excessive Drinking Causes 10 Percent Of Deaths In Working-Age Adults

      • Joe Schrank
      • Scott Bienenfeld, M.D.