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The Death of Michael Jackson

Drug Addiction

Five years after his death, there are still looming questions about what went wrong. There were clear mental health issues including what seems to be a severe addiction. It was ultimately drugs that took the talent from the world but what about the other people around him? What about his family? We may never know the details of what happened to the King Of Pop but this offers a chance to discuss what does impact many families: denial and avoidance kills. When we look the other way, hope for the best, stay on the pay roll and tell people what they want to hear we are all culpable for the result. Dr. Conrad Murry stood trial and was convicted, but do others have a role? I say they do. I say, families should get help long before the crisis hits. Rebound Brooklyn has a comprehensive crisis management and intervention staff. We have a strong family component to our treatment plans and skilled therapists to help the entire system. RIP all those who are a causality of systemic denial.